With experience from 1989


What do we offer?

Production automation using robots

Extensive consultation takes place with the customer about the wishes in both existing and new installations.

We have extensive experience in designing robot grippers. For us this is an important part of the robot cell and it is often underestimated how important this part is.

Supply and discharge systems, lifts, pallet guides, robot cell shielding, etc. 

We completely take care of the installation of a robot cell to achieve the best possible result.

The robot software is written entirely in-house, giving us full control over the complete robot cell.

We can take care of the maintenance of the robots within your company. Also providing training to operators or technical service is something we offer.

About us

With experience from 1989

After experience dating back to 1989 in designing robot grippers, installing projects and programming robots, Huigsloot Robotics was founded in 2000.

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