Vello Elektro B.v.

We were able to supply this milling robot to Vello Elektro B.V. This robot has been running to the satisfaction of the customer since 2012

Vello came to us with the question if we could supply a milling robot that could also read drawings. The layout and holes of each surface of the cabinet were drawn in 2D in AutoCAD LT. That was of course a huge challenge for us, but we dug in and managed to develop the software that allowed us to read the DXF file and extract the necessary data.

This special software allowed us to extract the coordinates of the different holes, the milling depth and the tool used from the DXF file. We were also able to use the data from the DXF file to calculate the angles of the different sides of the cabinet, so that we knew exactly where the different faces were located on the router table.

Operation of the robot cell:
The cabinet is mounted on a special jig on the milling table. When operating the robot, the drawing number is entered and then started. The robot controller retrieves the entered DXF file from the server, reads the file and finds all operations with the necessary information, such as which plane of the cabinet and which tool exactly is needed. This is achieved in a few seconds. The robot then starts the first operation. First all holes are drilled and then the milling operations are carried out.

A major advantage of this robot cell is that the changeover time is almost 0. Whether the robot has to process 20 of the same or 20 different cabinets, it makes no difference. This makes this robot application very efficient and user-friendly.

Possible operations of this robot cell include drilling, milling and engraving with different drills and milling cutters that the robot can change itself.

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